1. "Ayrton was a man of extremely simple habits. He was also very shy, but at the same time romantic, a friend, fun." - Ayrton Senna, Carol Alt, vacationing in 1991

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  2. Always in my heart

  3. Senna irradiated something truly special and powerful…

  4. Pensive Ayrton 

  5. Ayrton Forever

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    Born March 21st.

  7. Brazil 1991, who doesn’t remember it?

  8. Imola 1994, what was he thinking…?

  9. »Ayrton Senna 1988«

  10. Alfredo Popesco was another old friend from his youth. He remembers that fame never changed Senna. He said: “He remained always the same person, a humble and sincere friend, at a time when he was already a three-time world champion, if he saw us eating pizza he would park his Honda NSX and stroll over to nibble things out of our plates, the way he always had. He was the friend who had gone abroad for a while and had come home from his trip. He was eager to join us in everything that we did to follow our routine, to dine out in a restaurant or enjoy some other leisure activities. He had no bodyguards and made no show of being a celebrity.”