1. Ayrton Senna - Williams Renault 1994

    What could’ve been… 

  2. Gerhard Berger: “Ayrton Senna’s big love of his life was Xuxa”

  3. Ayrton Senna, exhuding charisma… Williams, 1994

  4. That briefcase was made of carbon fiber and cost 100.000$. Once Berger threw it from a helicopter in Monza, to test its quality. Senna got mad with the “joke”. 

  5. Ayrton, very concentrated, thinking probably that what he was seeing was not entirely of his high level of demand… 

  6. Mommy love

  7. haha… would you trust this??

  8. Felipe Massa is the first Brazilian to get pole position for Williams since… Ayrton Senna, in 1994 at Imola! It was 20 years ago

  9. Senna Forever 

  10. Beautifulness